Course Author: Reyes Nino

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"How To Work As An Independent Contractor"

I am a Texas PTA who started my first staffing agency in 1994 in San Antonio, Texas. Since then I have owned and operated two staffing agencies before overseeing the sale of Single Source Staffing to CareerStaff Unlimited, a Sun Healthcare Group (Nasdaq SUNH) company . I have experienced the extreme lows and highs of this industry and want to share my knowledge with you as you transition to working as an independent contractor. I want to learn how to bill for your hard work at staffing agency rates. I want you to know that working as an independent contractor isn't just about achieving your salary goals by working your personal butt off to facilities and agencies. It means you can add staffing services and hire others to work in addition or instead of you doing the work yourself. I'll show you how you can earn fees for finding other therapists jobs. It means your earning potential is unlimited and driven by your goals.
I have put together templates for contracts, marketing, billing, collections, everything you need to get started. I will always be available to assist from the time you take the course, to start up, operating, and challenges you may experience throughout your journey. I will be available to assist in any way I can to help you achieve your goals.
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